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  • Up-to-date Maps

    All our models of GPS Navigators come with pre-installed maps that are updated at the moment of purchase, with the possibility of expanding the maps of all the continents and 196 countries, enabling you to drive throughout the world with the aid of NavionTruck. All the NavionTruck licences have FREE UPGRADES for life.
  • Speed Cameras

    NavionTruck has an extended and up-to-date database of fixed speed cameras all over the world. Avoid speeding tickets or tickets for entering limited traffic areas. The GPS Navigation Systems of NavionTruck are prepared to warn you for any speed control with it"s visual and auditory warning system.
  • Advanced Configuration

    The GPS Navigation System of NavionTruck is provided with the most advanced control system that allows you to avoid streets, bridges, or tunnels that might be to narrow or low for large vehicles. In addition, you are able to adapt the system to any type of ADR goods you may carry (dangerous goods).
  • The Map Display

    Our GPS Navigation Systems are provided with an intuitive interface that is easy to operate and upon which you can find the most accurate and detailed information of the route, with life information of any dangerous traffic situation, excess of speed limit, lane-changing and point"s of interest such as gas stations, parking lots and rest areas.
  • Additional accessories

    We offer additional accessories for your GPS Navigation System of NavionTruck, these are accessories especially designed for our GPS Navigation Systems and they will make it easier for you to store and manage the device. Some examples of the accessories we offer are sleeves and anti-reflection sun shades... In addition to all of the accessories we offer, you can also find entertainment and security products in our store which you can use in your truck, caravan, bus, car or motor bike.
  • Points of interest

    Our GPS Navigation Systems are provided with an extended, up-to-date database of POI"s of any type of company, such as fruit and vegetable warehouses and loading and unloading areas, markets, industrial areas, parking lots and gas stations for trucks, in other words, all information you will need to arrive directly at the door of the destination you are looking for.

Some examples of the many options of our Navigation Systems

NavionTruck offers you the latest in GPS Navigation technology, our GPS systems are designed with the most recent developments that you will only find on the most advanced devices. Thanks to our wide range of GPS devices we are able to adapt to the needs of any GPS user, for example, you can choose for a navigation system of the latest generation or for a more traditional system.

Our traditional navigation systems are provided with basic functions, that are the most essential ones. These devices are ideal for those users that don't want to have anything more complicated than a normal GPS Navigation System. However, even the options on our basic navigation systems are really advanced, for example: Handsfree Bluetooth, E-reader, Photo-, Video- and Music player, Games and the option to use the device as a screen for our wireless parking systems.

The latest generation GPS Navigation Systems offer you the most advanced options, you can compare them with an Android Tablet. With this device, you will be able to browse on the internet, either through WiFi our data roaming everywhere in the world if you have data connection on your phone. You will use your GPS like a normal desktop, like a mobile phone or a game console, thanks to the option to download applications in the PlayStore. The most important options of our Android navigation systems that we would like to highlight are: Bluetooth, Television, Integrated Telephone, FM Transmitter, Android Operating System, Playstore Applications, Internet Connection through WiFi and Mobile Phone.


Costumized GPS Navigation Systems

Our GPS navigators can be used in any type of vehicle. We have five software navigation systems for the different types of vehicles:
trucks, buses, campers, roulottes, cars, motorbikes... NavionTruck offers the latest in GPS technology, the area of guided driving by GPS.
All our navigators include updated maps at the moment of purchase and original "Here" licence with FREE upgrades for the lifespan of the device.
Our software for navigation NavionTruck GPS Navigation is fitted out in the case of trucks, buses and campers with all the advanced
professional features of weight control, measurments of the vehicle and ADR that enable you to identify and avoid narrow roads
or low bridges with accesses prohibited to large sized vehicles.

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