Start making money today with the affiliate program of NavionTruck United Kingdom
How many times have you recommended a store to your friends  to buy a specific product? How many times did you receive anything in return? 

Probably, this has occurred many times and probably, you never got anything in return. Can you imagine the amount of money that you could have had received for this type of advertisement? Although you probably didn't receive any money for your advice, this word-of-mouth advertising is the best type of publicity there is!

Well, do not waste this opportunity. Here is the way to earn extra money with our website without leaving your house.


If you host a website, forum, blog or other type of social network with a lot of views, plenty of friends or followers, or if you simply are a member of a forum with a topic related to the products we offer, than it's your lucky day!

Become an affiliate of NavionTruck!
 What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is an association between a commercial web (us) and a web editor (you).

Your viewers may be interested in our offers and you will not have to lift a finger to make some profit.

By promoting NavionTruck, you will earn a commission for each sale made through your website, forum, profile twiter, facebook, Google+,etc ...

 How does it work?

Register yourself on our website. Once registered please contact us via the site to complete your participation in our affiliate program and to receive the 
banners and links you can find in your affiliate panel. Access to the program is free and easy. With your personal account you can follow any sales you make and withdrawal your commissions.

Start earning money today!

This way of earning money is fast and easy, in case that you are not familiar in this area we can help you and teach you how to do it.


What you have to do:


Step 1
Post the banner or link that you have selected on your affiliate panel on your website, blog, profile or forum.                                                                                                               

Step 2
Your visitors can access our website via this link or banner on your website. From this moment one they can purchase an item on or web store.
Step 3

From here, for every sale made through the banner or link posted on your website, forum, blog or profile you will receive a commission.
Step 4

Get your commissions every month without any minimum or maximum amount of withdrawal.
 Why choose NavionTruck?

     - An online store with experience in the European market sector.
     - Numerous new customers every month.
     - A turnover with 30% growth in 2014.
     - More than 20,000 satisfied customers in Europe.

How to become an affiliate?

Click HERE to register yourself on our website if you haven't already done that. 

Download the AFFILIATION contract HERE.

Click HERE to sign up for the affiliate program and attach the contract, signed and provided with your banking details to the form.

Once you have entered the affiliate program, you will find a link in your affiliate panel called: "my affiliates", click on this link and you canget access to our banner and links that you can post on your website, forum, blog or profile ...

From that point on, you can start making money on the purchases generated by the link and banner on your web site.

Soon we will place a video that clearly explains what the affiliation program is.


How much will I earn if I become an affiliate of NavionTruck?

You will earn a percentage of every purchase that is generated by your web page.

Category Percentaje
GPS for Trucks 5%
Tablets with GPS 2%
Car Navigation System 5%
GPS for Motorbikes 5%
GPS for RV's 5%
GPS for Buses  5%
Anti-theft Device For Trucks 3%
GPS Location Tracking System 3%
Television for Trucks 3%
Parking Cameras 4%
LED Work Lights 3%
LED Bulbs Trucks 3%

What is a banner and a link?

A banner is an image of a product offered by a company, and when you click on it, it directs you to the web where the product featured inthe image is offered. A link is the same but describes the product with words to draw the attention of the prospective buyer, you click onthe text and it will take you to the advertiser's website.

How will I know which customers come from my link?

All members of the affiliate program have a number that is exposed in the link or banner, this way the system knows that clients accessed from your banner or link.

What if a customer decides not buy at that moment but purchases an item tomorrow or another day?

The affiliate program makes use of Cookies that store customer information informing the system the client acceded our website first via your link, so if the client makes a purchase in the following days, the committees shall be addressed to your affiliate account .

How often can I withdraw money from my account?

The moment a commission is reflected on your customer account you can withdraw with no minimum or maximum limit. You also have the option to make a cash withdrawal.

How long does it take to receive  my commissions?

From the moment you make the withdrawal, we will sent the money to your bank account within a time limit of 2 weeks.

Is it sure that I will get my commissions?

It is totally safe to withdrawal your commissions, NavionTruck knows that you are a fundamental part of our business. You can decide to recommend or not recommend our website. We are only interested in recommendations. So if you generated a purchase, you can withdrawal your commission, we have no minimum or maximum amount of money you can withdrawal.

Why is the commission percentage?

Most electronic products have a very low profit margin, a company may receive about 2% margin for their sales of such product. Also, every day they have to personally attract and maintain contact with their clients. You just have to post a link or banner on your website andyou don't have to worry about anything, you just have to check what you have earned in your affiliate account and withdrawal the money at the end of the month.

An example: if your website, forum, blog or profile is able to generate purchases worth £1500, you could receive a commission up to £75. You can imagine that if your web site generates sales worth £15,000, you could get an extra paycheck every month without any effort.