Navion Tracker Car - GPS Locator for Car

Navion Tracker Car - GPS Locator Car
  • Navion Tracker Car - GPS Locator Car
  • Navion Tracker Car - GPS Locator Car
  • Navion Tracker Car - GPS Locator Car

Navion Tracker Car - GPS Locator for Car


GPS locator for the monitoring of cars, trucks, taxies... This device is able to send you the exact location of you vehicle via coordinates and a link to Google Maps, and if you have a Smartphone, you can look up the positioning wherever you're at. It has the function to cut of the fuel supply by text messages and you can monitor your vehicle on an online platform.

Navion Tracker Car - GPS Locator Car

Navion Tracker Car - GPS Locator for Car

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GPS Locater Anti Theft Tracker 

With Fuel cut-off control system


· Real time monitoring on an online platform.

· Sending information via SMS.

· Positioning information via SMS (link to Google Maps). 

· Parking fee adjustments (SMS alert when you are going to exceed a certain parking time).

· Information about the speed of the vehicle.

· Fuel cut-off and recover control system (via a text message you will be able to cut off and recover the fuel supply of the vehicle) ideal to use for if the have stolen your vehicle and you want to immobile it, easy to install, comes with installation guide. 

· Compatible with motor bikes, cars, taxies, caravans... 

How does it work?

You will not have to pay any monthly fees or pay for the rent of the equipment, you will receive the device, and the only thing you will have to do is purchase a telephone SIM card with a contract or prepaid. We advice you to get a contract with inexpensive costs for sending text messages and if you want to make use of the online monitoring system for long periods of time we advice you to contract with data roaming charges. The device will send you messages and data, this is what you will pay for when you use the equipment.

* You can purchase our vodafone data rate by adding the service to the product right next to the price information.

Technical specifications: 

Communication network


GSM Module

GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz quad-band frequency / You are able to use it all over the world

GPS Sensitivity

- 159dBm

Accuracy positioning GPS 

5 - 30 m

Time Accuracy 



DC 9 ~ 24V

Power Supply


Actual en espera






Storage Temperature

- 40 ℃ a + 85 ℃

Usage temperature 

- 20 ℃ a + 65 ℃


5% - 95% without condensation

LED Indication

2 LED indicator lights: GPS - blue, GSM - red


3.66 x 1.57 x 0.59 in

Package size 

5.51 x 3.54 x 2.36 in


8.04 oz

The package includes:

  • 1 x GPS Tracker Navion Tracker Car
  • 2 x Connection cables 
  • 1 x Relay 12V
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Access keys to enter the online platform for monitoring


- Read the guarantee conditions HERE

- Pick up and delivery of the product to your home totally free of charge in GUARANTEE cases.


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