GPS Navigation for Professional Truck - Navion X9 Truck PRO Dash and 9 Inches

GPS Navigation for Professional Truck - Navion X9 Truck PRO Dash and 9 Inches


9 Inch Multimedia GPS Navigation System with FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE. GPS browser that incorporates WiFi, Bluetooth, player for photos, videos, music, text applications. In addition to all this, it incorporates a DVR security camera to record the road, video recording in Full HD

GPS Navigation for Professional Truck - Navion X9 Truck PRO Dash and 9 Inches

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Big on the outside, Huge on the inside

Navion X9 Truck PRO Dash is one of our best selling navigators. Hundreds of customers already use it because it has a series of fundamental advantages for trucker work. It has an ultra-illuminated 9-inch screen that allows you to see the navigation instructions at a glance and away from the steering wheel so that it does not obstruct your vision of the road, it incorporates a security camera to record traffic incidents and it has an operating system smart with which you can download applications and use them for downtime.

In addition, and most importantly, it has GPS navigation software with maps that can be updated for life, alternative routes, speed cameras, points of interest, a coordinate search system, postal codes, a route manager and much more.

New 2023 Model, More Robust, More Compact, Faster

GPS for Truck Navion X7 Truck PRO Evolution

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence to solve your doubts and quickly access personalized attention 24/7 from your GPS navigator.


Integrated dashcam

Dashcam is a feature that records events on the road in the background. Without the need to use other tools, the Dasham black box security assistant for Navion X9 Truck PRO Dash allows you to save money by not needing other external devices. The videos will be automatically saved in the device memory and will be deleted without touching anything according to the settings of the predefined time. Save only the videos you want to keep.


Speed cameras

Avoid fines for speeding, know the road points with the highest concentration of mobile speed cameras. Forget fines for fixed speed cameras, hundreds of customers avoid fines and save thousands of euros thanks to our 100% legal speed camera database.

Set your NavionTruck GPS navigator to alert you audibly or spoken and relax to drive safely.


Points of interest

During the Covid19 pandemic, we invested hundreds of hours to offer service points for carriers, restaurants, truck parks, etc. Our database became so viral that we wanted to go one step further! Now our database of points of interest is growing and you can find thousands of points of interest to make your trip easier and more efficient: Thousands of companies, loading areas, warehouses, markets, scales, toll collect, supermarkets, ports, car tents and dealerships, leisure areas, camping, beaches, among many others. All of them are in the database of your NavionTruck GPS Navigator.


Alternative routes

Choose the most suitable route among several selective routes, modify and change route sections as you wish.


Intermediate points

Plan your route before leaving, choose all the destinations to go and organize them according to your preferences.


Free map updates

Download free map updates for the life of your device. Download maps through our Wizard synchronization tool for Windows PC computers, download it HERE

Depending on the country of the continent of your purchase, you will receive preloaded maps, receive your GPS navigator and start using it without having to download anything after receiving it, in addition, at the time of purchase the navigator is already updated with the latest version of maps.

These are the maps you can download SEE


Vehicle Dimensions Configuration

Configure the measurements of your vehicle so that we guide you along the appropriate route, choose the height, width, length, number of axles and trailers, and type of dangerous goods. Avoid low bridges and narrow streets.



Avoid restrictions for the area that will circulate for the type of vehicles.

  • Maximum length restrictions
  • Maximum weight restrictions
  • Height restrictions
  • Dangerous Goods Restrictions
  • Tunnel restrictions


Customizable map colors

Choose from dozens of color combinations to customize the tracks and heights of the map by displaying your preferred color for day and night.


Route itinerary

Receive information about the route before leaving and edit it to your needs.


Search modes

Choose between the different search modes: Search by address, postal code, coordinates or in NavionTruck's database of 1 million POIs.


Route types

Different types of route will make your route cheaper, faster, shorter or easier.


Multi-vehicle navigation system

You can always use the GPS navigation system for your second vehicle when you go on vacation. Access the navigation settings, choose between car, pedestrian and bicycle. In addition to the professional profiles of Taxi, Bus and Emergency Vehicle.



Navigation menu languages

Malay, Indonesian, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish, Catalan, German, Dutch, French, English, Italian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Serbian, Finnish, Swedish, Flemish, Greek, Bulgarian, Russian.

Navigation voice languages

Spanish, Catalan, German, Dutch, French, English, Italian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Serbian, Finnish, Swedish, Flemish, Greek, Bulgarian, Russian.

benefits-languages_clipped_rev_1 (1).png

All maps of the United States, Canada and Mexico Preloaded and updated

You will not have to worry about anything, our GPS navigators already have all the maps of the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Take it with Television

Enjoy television without the need for an internet connection


The Navion DVB-T TV antenna connects to the device and can receive TV channels just like in your own home. You just need a good location and tune the channels depending on the country you are in. In addition, our device allows you to put an amplifier so that the connection is more stable and you can connect at a greater distance.


Product Accessories

Suction cup support

High support for the glass and prevent falls.

12/24v USB charger

High durability and efficiency with double charging input.

Micro SD memory card

The card is accompanied by an SD adapter to be inserted into the PC and to be able to update the maps.

data cable

High-quality charging and transmission cable in the shape of an elbow to avoid broken connections.

· User manual

Multilanguage user manual.

2 year warranty

Enjoy the TOTAL guarantee for 3 years. Guarantee that includes round trip shipping to our SAT.


Data sheet

Medidas MM:
Sistema Operativo:
AOSP Smart Truck
Cores x4 ARM Cortex-A7 @ 1.3Ghz
1024 MB
Micro SD:
Datos Moviles:
Compatible with TV antenna (Navion DVB-T)
Transmisor FM:
Duración de la Batería:
Hasta 2 horas y media de autonomia con GPS conectado
Toma Auriculares:
Tamaño Pantalla:
Resolución de Pantalla:
YES (1080P)
Cámara Aparcamiento
Compatible with recording and viewing cameras (Navion Blackbox Remote)
Entrada AV:
Tipo de Pantalla:
Editor de Texto:
Reproductor de Texto:
Visualizador de Imágenes:
Puede descargar mapas de todo el mundo:
Mapas Preinstalados:
Estados Unidos, Mexico y Canada