Total guarantee of up to 3 YEARS in all Our Products

  • Specialized navigation for your truck

    For truck routes and their contingencies. With NavionTruck you can find the right routes for your truck. Drive efficiently and avoid traffic intelligently with routing tailored to your truck on our ultra-bright, anti-glare 7-, 8-, 9-, and 10-inch displays.

  • More attention to the road, with screens that allow you to see everything at a glance

    Easily view your route on a 7, 8, 9 and 10-inch screen with higher resolution and brightness. Enjoy clear voice guidance through a powerful speaker or FM transmitter system.

  • Get the best route for your truck

    With NavionTruck routes based on the size, weight, type of load and maximum speed of the vehicle, forget about reaching a road, tunnel or bridge and not being able to pass. Now with urban prohibitions, tunnel code and ADR and restrictions for transport according to UN classifications.

  • Always know what is ahead

    Receive real-time alerts on traffic restrictions that may affect your truck, such as ADR bridge and tunnel heights, transport restrictions by classification and everything else you need to know. Easily set routes with the route manager to bypass the restrictions that apply to you and see the restrictions even without a route already planned using the alternative routes or the tools to avoid and change route segments.

  • Our increasingly fast GPS navigators

    We have improved the processing power of the new NavionTruck S Series to offer up to 4 times greater responsiveness, the fastest on the market. Swipe, zoom, and use features quickly and smoothly with NavionTruck's state-of-the-art GPS navigators.


We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of all our truck customers, now for every product we sell we plant a tree with your name

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